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TWO churches were razed at Kilenge village in the Kandrian-Gloucester district of West New Britain during a fight between youths from the Catholic Church and other churches, deputy governor Joseph Naipu says.
“Catholic youths fought with youths from other churches and burnt down the Seventh-day Adventist (SDA) and the Revival Centres churches last Tuesday night,” Naipu, who is Gloucester local level government president, said.“I don’t know what caused the fight but the fight involved youths from Kilenge, Potnie and Ongaeo villages and the churches got burnt down in Kilenge.

“This is a chronic problem in the district where churches are always destroyed whenever a fight breaks out.
“It is an ongoing situation that people just accept – incidents of churches being damaged – they don’t report such allegations of arson to the police.
“Usually it’s the relatives taking sides in such fighting causing damages to the churches and so after all the fighting and destruction, they make peace and continue with their normal lives.
“The former conflicting party also gets involved in rebuilding the destroyed church and the situation is back to normal as if nothing has happened.
“But then, when a fight breaks out, churches are once again targeted and destroyed.”

Naipu said the district was dominated by the Catholic and the Anglican churches and people disliked the establishment of other churches there.
“So other churches like Pentecostal are reluctant to enter the district because the people are very hostile against other Christian churches.
“We, the community leaders, have tried all our best in vain to make awareness to make the people accept new churches in the district.
“But we were always unsuccessful. We wanted new churches to come in to help.
“Anglican and Catholic churches bring spiritual development so that it helps address the law and order situation in the district.”
Meanwhile, West New Britain police commander Chief Insp Janarius Vosivai said although he didn’t get an official report, he learnt about this incident from Facebook.
“My policemen are based at the Gloucester Police Station and it is very remote with no network coverage. That’s why I didn’t get a report. Also the community leaders usually don’t report such matters to us and so we don’t investigate such arson incidents,” he said.

K26mil grant for 15 wharves
The Australian government yesterday announced a grant of K26 million (A$10 million) to upgrade security features in 15 ports around the country. The project was launched at Motukea outside Port Moresby by the chairman of PNG Ports Corporation Limited Kepas Wali (from left), State Enterprises Minister William Duma, Australia’s Minister for International Development and Pacific, Senator Zed Seselja and Australian High Commissioner Jon Philp.
Nationalpic by KENNEDY BANI


  • We are all worshipping one God which is the father the almighty, no matter which denomination you come from as long as we all have the same faith, we are all God’s Children so please my fellow Christians we all must come to an agreement and a truce must be made. Thankyou

  • All human beings are either controlled by God or Satan. There is nothing in between. We become a tool and a vessel for God Almighty or the Devil. Our conducts, actions, attitude, etc defines who is in control of our lives.

    What kind of Christians would burn down Church buildings? It really defines who drives, controls and motivates these people’s lives.

  • SDAs and pentiscotal churches preach hatte message towards catholics ..this is not news..its about time we chase them out back to join the jews and the racist americans

    • The Truth hurts bro! If you read the Revelation and study it deeply. you’ll find answers there. The Women represent the churches… There is a who sits on the Dragon who represent false church teaching false doctrines… while the other woman who wore white gives birth to a child. just the start but it is up to you to study it carefully and do research… or pray that Holy Spirit gives you understanding to read the word….

  • I heard from the locals that the a trainie pastor from SDA Church did preach the word of God and must have mention Roman Catholic for sure when the local youth from the Catholic church take revenge. It is understandable as we came under the name Christians worshiping same God and I don’t see any reason why still SDA church preach about other churches. As it is best we stick to the Bible itself without pinpointing others let’s our good Lord himself spoke to the people and be our judge.

    Also living in West New Britain for like 29 years now still it is one of the least developed area in PNG compared to other provinces regardless of its major contribution to economic growth. NBPOL has provided the highest employment in PNG plus increasing Country’s GDP through its palm oil products. Make it even worse WNBP is one of the large land mess compared to East New Britain with only two electorates Talasea and Kendrian Gloucester which make it very difficult to develop especially the government services. That’s why there is no police presence in the area when the incident happened. Even the funny thing is still there is no better communication Chunnel where everyone is blank..

  • What was the cause of the violence?

    If we worship the same God. Why did the youths burned other churches?
    One must read the bible deeply to seek the truth. SDA or Pentecostal or even catholic churches won’t save a soul. It is the bible that we must read deeper to follow the true instructions given by the Lord Himself on how, what, when or why we should worship the Lord God…


  • If all those youths involve know the Bible, they wouldnt act like that. Its seems those youth boys who burned down the churches lack Holy Spirit of God. God’s Holy Spirit is gentle and not violent but demons are. (Gal.5:22). Their actions speaks of what the church is teaching.

  • Understand! How can a Christian denomination preacher will condemn it’s sister churches in the public?! What will be the opinion of the general public?!, preacher must take it into consideration. Don’t bluff as if you are GOD to judge. Preach the word, the truth. Its GOD who will intervene and change people. I for one suggest we don’t listen to such hypocrite. “M ol army blo satan”.

  • Humans are guided by either the true word of God in the Holy Bible or the doctrines of churches, established by men. When the two are in conflict we witness such actions. Church congregation and their leadership in PNG are playing with the word of God. The PNG Council of Churches is not serious in addressing the True word of God, instead they hold on to their church doctrines and influence their congregations to live by them. The actions of these youth are guided by these influences. Church leaders and the national Council of Churches are destroying the word of God and replacing it with their own. We can see clearly the true churches of God and those who practice doctrines of men. Priests and pastors are going to held accountable for their actions and false doctrines. In Mat 23: Jesus once called the Pharisees and Scribes hypocrites, woe to you, you blind guides, you brood of evil, you make yourselves look holy but in you is the smell of a dead man.

    Ordinary Christians have become more acquainted to the word of God. Priests and Pastors preaching their own doctrines are becoming obvious, congregation compare their church pastor’s teachings to the word of God. These youths belong to a congregation with a head pastor and katiket. Deal with them accordingly in prayers and truth.

    Christianity in PNG must be united. It is the work of the PNG Council of Churches to unite the entire church of Jesus Christ in PNG. Denominations are causing disunity in Christianity. we must embrace the truth of God not the church name (catholic, SDA, United, Pentacostal, etc… We embrace the True word of God and remove the Satanic messages in the doctrines. Then the churches wont be burnt anymore. The youths will respect Jesus Christ. We cannot blame the youth; While the leadership hides behind their white robe and the cross of Jesus Christ making themselves become more holy and pleasing to men.
    The word of God unites Christians. So what is causing the youths to burn the church every time they fight each other. It is the false teachings and doctrines that has replaced the word of God.
    To take back PNG, the government must empower the PNG Council of Churches to embrace the word of God in the bible. Not the church doctrines established by men… When the word of God is established in the heart of the nation, then we can enjoy life to the fullest, knowing well of God’s love, peace and Joy. Aaamen..

  • John 3:16 says “..for God so loved the world that He GAVE His only Begotten Son (Jesus Christ)!
    1 John5: 11 – 12 ..eternal life is in His Son (Jesus Christ), he who has the Son has eternal life; he who does not have the Son does not have eternal life.
    God the Father loves us and He gave His Son Jesus Christ period. He DID NOT GIVE US ANY CHURCHES be it Catholic, SDA, Lutheran, AOG, 4-Square etc etc. If God GIVES His Son to us then you must RECEIVE Him. If you RECEIVE Jesus Christ you will go to heaven, if you DON’T you will go to hell. It’s as simple as that because in Jesus Christ you have Eternal Life in heaven, without Him you have eternal life in hell. Amen!!
    People who receive Jesus Christ in their lives walk in the fruit of the Holy Spirit Gal 5:22-23, but those who DON’T RECEIVE Jesus Christ, walk in the flesh and ARE CONTROLLED BY satan and his demons and they fight and burn down churches etc, doesn’t matter what name church you belong to. Food for thought!

    • read you bible again. God gave us only one Church through his Son Jesus Christ. This Church has four characteristic which others don’t have. The true and only Church is ONE, HOLY, CATHOLIC, and APOSTOLIC. Any other Church that claims to be a church must prove that is has those four characteristics. Otherwise it stands on shaky grounds.

  • These youths are the product of what the respective churches and denominations have taught and preached from the pulpit. Every church and their leadership MUST preach the PURE Word of God, direct from the Bible and nothing else.

    Every church leadership must understand that God has called you to save souls for God’s Kingdom and NOT to preach and call names of other denominations & churches from the pulpit. Thus, taking God’s place and judging other children of God.

    Only those Anointed by God knows exactly what to preach as directed by the Holy Spirit.

  • Bible is the fundamental of our Christian journey. We as Christians must follow what the bible instructs because The Bible is inspired by the spirit of God and was written.

    In the old testament time when Noah preached about the storm that was to come, he pointed to the arch and told his people to go into the arch before storm falls – (THE SAFE PLACE). Today as visible, there are many many churches under christianity. The QUESTION is : WHO IS POINTING TO THE SAFE PLACE TO MEET JESUS BEFORE ITS TOO LATE ACCORDINGLY TO THE BIBLE?

    Taim sot ya!

  • Read the book of Revelation about Woman who sits on the dragon holding a cup of wine and the woman who wears white who would give birth…

    what does those pictures in Revelation means… if you study it carefully those women represent churches… it should give you ideas on what is happening nowadays…

    Just focus on it and read it in-dept.

  • All Christians must realise by now that denominational differences will disturb the work of the body of Christ. Everyone must ask himself or herself whether he or she is serving God or man? Church denomination or God?
    Matthew 12:25 KJV
    And Jesus knew their thoughts, and said unto them, Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand:
    This is what Jesus said to those who accused him of driving out devils and performing healing miracles in the name of Beelzebub, the prince of devils.
    If churches and christians are fighting each other just think what message is being communicated to the unsaved? The short answer is why bother going to church. Churches must teach their pastors and congregation members to preach the Word of God as it is. Once you preach the truth, the truth will set the captives free, again another quote by Jesus. John 8:32 KJV And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

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