Youths ready to cut into bush to make a safe track


Youths from Kabwum and Finschhafen districts say they will clear a bush track for people to use.
George Gesa, who represented the youths of Waren, Indagen, Musep, Siu, Avenngu and Lengbati villages, said living along the Kabwum and Finschhafen district borders was a struggle for the people.
He said people living along the foot of the Sarawaged Range in the Kabwum district of Morobe have no access to basic services and are seeking economic activities.
Gesa said between 10 and 20 people have died at different times in the jungle of the Sarawaged range while trekking to Finschhafen.
“The people need a better and safer track to walk and access services, or to see their families on the other side of the Sarawaged range,” Gesa said.
“The talks of building roads has not eventuated, we have to at least have a bush track to help people cross the mountain range.”
He said the track would be safer and secure.
Gesa is calling on the provincial governments, church agencies and the public to help.
“We just need to provide them with bush knives and something to eat and drink,” he said.
The track would start from Indagen in Kabwum, cross the Mongi River, which marks the border of the two districts, and end at Langbati, a village in Finschhafen district.
Gesa said the existing track was 3km of mostly savannah grassland with small forests in Indagen and Lengbati.

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