Youths snub marijuana

Momase, Normal

The National, Thursday 30th May 2013


Youths from Nimiegen village on the west coast of Wewak are saying no to marijuana by taking the lead in weeding out the illicit substance with assistance from Wewak police.

The youths took the first step on Tuesday when they burst into the home of a young man suspected of cultivating marijuana and uprooted 20 matured plants.

They brought the plants to Wewak police station as evidence and sought Wewak police station commander, Chief Insp Sakawar Kasieng’s assistance to help them clean up the suspect’s garden of young marijuana plants.

Kasieng dispatched the Wewak Task Force unit led by First Const James Sengi to the village the same afternoon but failed to locate the suspect.

Kasieng wrote a letter to the village councillor yesterday to bring the suspect to Wewak police for questioning. 

He also thanked the youths for taking the lead in exposing the cultivation of marijuana in their village and pledged his full support to work with them in controlling lawlessness resulting from drug and home brew consumption.

“I must thank you for taking the lead in stamping out cultivation of marijuana in your own village. This is the way forward for our mothers, sisters and children to enjoy some sense of peace in the community and I commend you all for taking the bold move,” Kasieng said.

“The law on marijuana will soon be tough and persons engaged in its cultivation, trafficking and consumption should refrain from this activity.”