Youths’ talent, dedication shines through at film festival


THE international short film festival has revealed young people’s dedication, talent, commitment and creativity which enabled them to understand communication as a powerful tool to transform lives.
Catholic Bishops Conference of PNG and the Solomon Islands social communications secretary Fr. Ambrose Pereira said: “Communication is about sharing a message of hope, a platform to inspire and an opportunity to evangelise.
“This message was picked up by the participants and put into practice.”
Fr Ambrose invited all to listen to the young and open up platforms for them to share their thoughts, reflections and feelings.
He said students from the eight Catholic secondary schools and technical institutes attended the media education seminars throughout the year culminating in this 2021 international short film festival.
““We owe you a debt of gratitude for the strong backing you always offer your staff and each of your students”, he said.
Fr Ambrose said that was very much in evidence as each group of students presented their film.
Almost all the films were in the PNG context, which were the resources of pastoral ministry and could be used in schools, parishes, institutions and youth groups.
An ISFF21 booklet synopsises the films with questions for reflection and discussions.