Youths told to celebrate Christmas with joy


POLICE Commissioner Gari Baki has urged the public, especially young people, to spend Christmas holidays at home and stay away from trouble.
“Christmas in the National Capital District is always an experience, when it comes towards this period there is a slight increase in crimes in Port Moresby,” he said.
He said police were doing their best to maintain law and order.
“I think it is important that people and the public have a collective responsibility on ensuring their safety,” Baki said.
“Parents need to ensure that they know where their children are going because they might end up getting involved in some of the activities which will lead to issues that could later on have an impact on the family.
“I would encourage young Papua New Guineans especially children out there to use their school holidays to be with the parents rather than becoming involved in criminal activities or being part of the group
that is involved in criminal activities.
“Let us celebrate the festive season in the true spirit of Christmas.”