Youths undergo information technology training


NEW Zealand-based Norman Kirk Memorial Trust is currently providing free information and communications technology (ICT) training to 27 youths from Gaulim in Gazelle district, East New Britain.
The programme provides quality free ICT training to youths who would otherwise not be able to access such training.
The mobile ICT classroom is the  first of its kind in East New Britain.
The mobile nature of the programme means that quality hands-on ICT training can be conducted anywhere without the challenges of lack of electricity or power outages as laptop batteries last for up to seven hours.
Volunteers Service Abroad (VSA) New Zealand lead country programme manager and trainer, Johannes Gambo, said that digital literacy was vital in today’s world.
Gambo said the main objective of the course was to give youths the knowledge and skills needed to participate in an increasingly digital world.
The training, held on Saturdays, covers Microsoft Word and Outlook (email), Internet and World Wide Web, Cloud storage, computer security and Google Search.
Gambo said the youths exceeded his expectations and were very keen to go further.
Plans are in place to conduct free computer programming courses using JavaScript language in November.
“Computer coding could lead to good paying jobs, as there is a huge demand for skilled computer programmers,” he said.
Gambo, who holds a masters degree in computing technology, said he would like to see the establishment of free computer coding centres for youths.