Youths urged to address issues through democracy

Youth & Careers

A teacher from Gordon Secondary has encouraged Youth against Corruption Association (Yaca) members to participate in democracy as a course to address issues in the country.
Dunn Vunariri said youths could be encouraged through the association to discuss issues affecting our people through a strategy used in the Pacific which was a general movement in addressing issues through storytelling.
“I encouraged youths to participate to use the issue of storytelling to tell others what was said to them,” he said.
“Because a we try to define democracy in fancy languages and Papua New Guineans do not understand and we try to put it in simpler context of how issues of democracy can be observed by every citizen.
He said to fight corruption, democracy must be simplified and every citizen must understand what it is because most of the people were illiterate and could not read or write.
“Youth participation is important in addressing issues of democracy because they are able to do anything freely and without being stopped,” he said.
“They have an opportunity to drive this because they are more active between childhood and adulthood and that is why the focus must be on them to act.
Vunariri said there is a simpler way this could be addressed rather than looking for fancy ways.
He also belongs to the leadership Pacific group.
The group was created in Wellington so many years ago that basically emphasises democracy in simple context.

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