Youths urged to make Lae great again


Lae  mp John Rosso has urged young people in the city to help make the city a better place to live.
“A lot of us are complaining, we blame everyone else for our problems. We never make a decision or blame ourselves,” said Rosso.
“You have to work hard and get somewhere.
“Never try to get handouts from government.
“All of us, if we do something in our very own little way, we make Lae a better city.”
He said people have to change their habits and look after the city.
Rosso was speaking to a group of young people and the Angau Angels during the  PNGian Kala fashion runway at Club Cabana in Lae on Saturday.
He said he had experienced life growing up in settlement, collecting bottles along streets of Lae during his childhood as well as being a public servant and businessman.
The fashion runway hosted by PNGian Kala designer Sarah Haoda Todd saw other local designs like Baiwa Collections by Natasha Tamanabae, and AA Tribal by Anna Amos.
Angau Angels showcased the designs.
Most of the Angau Angels were born in Angau Memorial General Hospital in Lae.
The event was a fundraising for Todd to attend and showcase PNGian Kala in London.
A percentage of the proceeds will be donated to the hospital’s children’s ward.