Youths urged to change for the better

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KOMO-Margarima youths in Southern Highlands province have been urged to include
discarding their bad ways as a New Year resolution.
MP Francis Potape made the appeal last Sunday at the Hulia local-level government
council chambers in
Tari during the opening of a local sports competition.
He told youths at the competition that the world and country’s attention was now focused focussed on Hela which is the
location of the multi-billion kina PNG liquified natural gas (LNG) project.
Mr Potape said the onus was on the youths
to stop all their bad
practices like participating in lawless activities, marijuana and alcohol abuse and other social problems that would
ruin their future and
He encouraged children to attend school while those who dropped out “must strive to continue with their education informally or formally”.
He said youths in the peak of their life
should use their potential to chart the path that would determine their destiny and future with the available opportunities.
“Our youths must take an active lead to be responsible citizens by indulging in meaningful and productive activities,” he said.
Mr Potape said the LNG project would
 offer many opportunities and economic spin-offs for everyone to improve their livelihood.
“Use 2010 to make some very strong
personal resolutions, like abandoning bad ways and move forward positively in life,” he said.
Mr Potape said it was his vision to see well-educated, strong and hardworking youths toil the land to earn an
honest living while contributing significantly
to the development
of their community, province and country.
He said the timing was right for youths to
make the best use of
the opportunities available with the LNG project.
He said the days of youths indulging in drug and alcohol abuse and other illicit activities, including participating in tribal wars, should end now.
Mr Potape also presented K20,000 to the local Hulia LLG sports competition that was competed all year round with the finals in the festive period.
Youths from Dauli, Hogombe, Puyu, Wabia, Halabi, Huluma, Lomia, Tigibi, Pai, Yangome and even Kupari in Tari town authority area participated.