Youths urged to turn from evil ways

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The National, Monday 30th January 2012

YOUTHS engaged in criminal activities are urged to quit their bad habits and invite Christ into their lives.
Pr John Kup said last Thursday during a combined crusade hosted by inter-denominational churches at Gomis oval in Mt Hagen, Western Highlands, that criminals were called bad names by the people.
The theme for the crusade was: “Stand strong like a lion and face the devil.”
It was organised by a Rescue Taskforce Team comprising pastors from Christian churches in the city for students returning to school.
Kup told the youths and Christians that other people called them all sorts of names such as thieves, bag-snatchers, street boys and prostitutes because of their bad habits.
But if they received Christ in their lives and live according to his teaching, bad habits would disappear and their lives would be completely changed, he said.
He told the youths that other people would no longer call them names but would respect them.
Kup told the youths that many things they found hard to achieve before such as finding jobs or education would become possible if Christ leads them.