Yuwi urges bloc to join O’Neill

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The National, Thursday 02nd August, 2012

A FORMER parliamentarian and senior statesman is calling on the Eastern Bloc Alliance camping in Goroka, Eastern Highlands, to reconsolidate with their fellow countrymen in Milne Bay for the formation of the new government.
Sir Matiabe Yuwi said yesterday from Tari, Southern Highlands, the newly elected members who were camping in Goroka should travel to Alotau to team up with the coalition partners already there.
“O’Neill has the numbers to form the new government with the backing of senior politicians and their party members so they should go down there rather than camping out in Goroka,” he said.
Sir Matiabe said it was likely Governor-General Sir Michael Ogio would call on caretaker Prime Minister Peter O’Neill to form the new government because he had the numbers.
“The people of this country have spoken through the national election and with the overwhelming support that people showed when they voted in more of O’Neill’s PNC party candidates other parties with fewer numbers should not try to create political differences but should form a new government and work with him,” he said.
He said the country needed a strong opposition to keep the government in check.
“A strong opposition is very healthy for any democratic nation and we, the people, would appreciate if a strong opposition is formed by other political parties during the formation of the country,” said Sir Yuwi.
He said Papua New Guinea needed a strong government and an opposition for transparency in handling of public funds and delivery of services to the communities.