ZahsAps more than a matchmaker for companies


Locally-owned business, ZahsAps, uses the same algorithms and data-crunching techniques companies use to increase profits, according to founder Elizah Posia.
“Data traditionally showed what happened in the past, but it can be used to look into the future,” he said.
“More than just being a matchmaker though, we kind of see ourselves as a relationship counsellor, where we help organisations manage their projects and help them see through to completion.”
ZahsAps offers private sector solutions for sales and marketing, procurement forecasting and human resource management, reporting and forecasting, to name a few.
It also has data management solutions that can assist organisations that influence social justice too.
Social justice is a concept of fair and just relations between individuals and society.
This is measured by opportunities for personal activity and social privileges.
In Papua New Guinea, the risk of being trapped into low-wage jobs and poor working conditions is likely to increase along with dangerous workplace, health hazards, forced child labour and exploitation of various human rights.
“Good data will develop your business,” Posia said.
“Good data will enhance social justice by enabling efficient and effective decisions that contribute to inclusive and equitable quality education, achieving gender equality and empowering women and girls, reducing inequality, promoting decent work for all, combating climate change and its impacts, among others.”
He said the most important factor in the usefulness of data was not the amount, but how it was used.
“That means creating a more data-literate population,” Posia said.
“Data without rigorous analysis is no better than rhetoric.
“If we’re trying to convince others to change their minds, it can be difficult because they’re not trained statisticians.
“Learning how to take information and figuring what to do with it is important.
“If you don’t know how to read data to predict the future, it will only reflect what has happened in the past.
“We will be hosting an information session in Port Moresby in the beginning of the second quarter of 2019 to create awareness on data management and our services, which are open to SMEs, larger corporations, Government, development partners and non-profits.”

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