Zeming, Korave to lead

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The National, Monday February 15th, 2016


 NEWLY-announced co-captain of the Papua New Guinea Hunters Noel Zeming said the responsibility bestowed on him was a big task but he was looking forward to leading the team with lock Adam Korave.

The pair were only told on Saturday morning about their new roles despite featuring in the news over the last month as the likely men coach Marum would look to as the team’s leaders on-and-off the field.

“I’m a bit nervous about it (captaincy) but we do have a lot of senior players in the team and to be honest, we weren’t too sure who Michael was going to go with,” Zeming said at the Hunters launch on Saturday in Port Moresby.

“It’s a massive task to lead the team and I’m very humbled and honoured to be named as a co-captain with Adam (Korave), and with the help of the senior players and the coaching staff, we’re going to get through this year,” the 26-year-old said. 

Zeming paid tribute to former captain Israel Eliab, whom he played under over the last two years, saying the former Hunters five-eighth had set a standard which he would do his best to live up to.

“Izzy (Israel Eliab) is a great player and he’s a good leader. He’s a very close friend and I’ve been his roommate over the last two seasons. I’ve learned so much from him and he’s just a great, humble guy,” Zeming said of Eliab, who is on his way to England to take up a contract with the London Broncos.  

“He makes sure that the team is in order and he makes sure he leads from the front. 

“The little things that he’s done, I’ve seen that over the two years and I’ll try my best to follow that example.”

Zeming and Korave, as players, cover the full spectrum of leadership on the field and of it, with Marum opting for the negotiator (Zeming) and enforcer (Korave).

Zeming’s goal-kicking and cool approach to the game meshes well with Korave’s abrasiveness and toughness, something which the man from Sialum, Morobe and Nondugl, Jiwaka, admitted was a good combination to have.

“Adam’s a tough guy and he brings that hardness to the leadership and he makes it easy for me and he plays that physical role well. He’s a great bloke who leads up in the front and I’ll let him do his job and keep that intensity while I try to talk to the referees and get our view across. I think we’ll do well as co-captains.” Hunters 2016:  Stargroth Amean, Bland Abavu, Noel Zeming, Thompson Teteh, Adex Wera, Ase Boas, Ate Bina, Henry Wan, Wartovo Puara Jr, Esau Siune, Nickson Borana,  Benjamin Hetra, Adam Korave, Justin Olam, Philemon Kimisive,  Ishamel Balkawa,  Tuvi Lepan,  Watson Boas, Warren Glare, William Aquila, Edward Goma, Gahuna Sailas, Simon Peter , Enoch Maki, Brandy Peter.