Zeming pays student fees

National, Normal

The National, Friday July 19th, 2013

 THE Tewae-Siassi joint district planning and budget priority committee (JDP&BPC) has approved K1 million to support students from the electorate throughout the country.

Of the K1 million that was allocated, the first payment of K667,002 was released by the district administration to subsidise school fees for students attending institutions.

Self-sponsored students from the electorate attending the University of Papua New Guinea (UPNG) received K36,000 as subsides.

The funding for the schools was organised following a request from the students earlier this year for financial help from MP Mao Zeming.

Zeming said the JDP&BPC understood the need to develop the human resource in the electoraten for the province’s future.

He said Tewae-Siassi was a remote district where most parents had financial difficulties to support their children’s education. 

Tewae-Siassi Student Association secretary Silas Gema thanked Zeming for the assistance.

The students pledged their support to help Zeming carry out development initiatives in the district.

Other educational institutions that have been included under the Tewae-Siassi JDP &BPC lists for funding from the K667,002 are the University of Technology (K37,198), Telikom College (K8,000), Lae Polytechnical College (K32,000), Balob Teachers College (K155,230), Multi Skills Training College (K103,000), Innovative Training Centre (K38,147), International Training Institute (K33,400), Missionary Training College and Academy (K19,100), Finschhafen Vocational Training Centre (K11,900), University of Goroka (K69,000), Goroka Technical College (K25,522), Port Moresby Business College (K7,000), Rabiamul Vocational Training Centre (K3,200), Emmanuel Lutheran School (K3,000),Highlands Agriculture College (K3,000), Commercial Training College (K25,300), Banz Elcom Primary School (K3,100), Salvation Army Lae Primary School (K9,000), Lae Coronation College (K41,630), Port Moresby Institute of Business Studies (K7,000), Brown Community Heath (K2,700) and St Francis Vocational Training Centre (K505).