Zibe calls for unity in NHP

National, Normal

The National- Wednesday, January 19, 2011


DEVELOPMENT partners have been called on to complement the government’s national health plan (NHP) 2011-20.

Health Minister Sasa Zibe said there was only one government, one Department of Health and one national health plan and called on all stakeholders to work together to improve the country’s health status.

Zibe told The National that his department would focus on implementation and call together two very important meetings this year; a national summit on health and a meeting of all provincial and district health managers in collaboration with the Department of Provincial and Local Level Government.

He outlined three impact projects which his department would focus on this year: enhance and reform our drug supply system to improve drug supplies to all health facilities, roll out of the provincial health authority and roll out and clearly articulate and promote the community health post as part of our focus on the promotion of primary health care.

“This year is the first year of the new decade and is the first year of implementation of the new national health plan. 

“Deputy Prime Minister Sam Abal challenged us to ensure the 2011 is the year of implementation.

“My sectoral plan is aligned and ready to be implemented.”

Zibe thanked Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare for his commitment and dedication to the health of all citizens by approving the NHP which cost K14.17 billion.

The minister believed the health sector could a make a significant improvement to the health care services in the country in the next 10 years through the implementation of the plan.

According to Zibe, the government, in the 2011 national budget, had made available the following budget commitment to the entities under his responsibility:

. Recurrent budget – K261.684 million; 

. Development budget  – K315.809 million


K248. 8343 million 

.Church health services – K81.6334 million

. National AIDS Council –  K6.90 million 

.Institute of Medical Research – K5.60 million

. Health functional grants to the provinces – K51.918 million.