Zibe lets Huon Gulf folks down

Letters, Normal

The National, Monday 28th November 2011

I REFER to your report on Sasa Zibe (Nov 23).
The people of Huon Gulf district must ask themselves why the MP is dishing out funds on the eve of the general election.
What tangible development and services did he bring to the electorate in the past 10 years?
In my opinion, this is nothing but an attempt to buy votes.
Whatever happened to the promises he made du­ring the campaigning period?
Where has the mv Orion gone to?
Zibe said he bought it for the people but after the blessing ceremony by pastors Sowara  Borowa and Pase Zamunu, it sailed away and never returned.
I call on the Ombudsman Commission to conduct an investigation.

Suena Emo
Eware, Huon Gulf