Zibe must improve health services

Letters, Normal

THE prime minister is right to order Health Minister Sasa Zibe to stop funding the Pacific Medical Centre and use the K500 million to improve the current health services.
Our general hospitals, health centres and aid posts throughout the country were built by the colonial government and most are now run-down or beyond repair.
The country does not need a super hospital.
We already have the Port Moresby General Hospital, Angau Memorial Hospital, Hagen General Hospital and others which need funding and the PM’s directive to the health minister is not only timely but right.
How can ordinary Papua New Guineans afford the fees at PMC?
The hospitals we have right now serve every one, regardless of where they come from.
Zibe needs to get real.
He talks a lot and the current war of words with the health professionals should stop.
The PM has spoken and he is not in favour of the PMC.
Zibe, as the minister, is responsible for the health of Papua New Guineans, especially our mothers who are suffering from cancer, and children who are suffering from malnutrition and other communicable diseases, and people dying from other curable diseases.
It is imperative that the minister follows the PM’s instruction and start improving the existing health services.


Songang Paul
Via email