Zibe urged to visit electorate

Lae News, Normal

The National –Friday, January 7, 2011


A youth leader from Busamang village is calling on Health Minister Sasa Zibe to visit his Huon Gulf electorate and address health and other issues affecting his people.

Paul Wayne, from Salamaua local level government area, said aid posts in the electorate, had closed because of lack of 

medical supplies and drugs while the minister continues to churn out rhetoric in the media about health issues.

“How can he be the minister for health when his own people are suffering from lack of basic health services?” 

Wayne said Zibe had yet to visit villages in his electorate. 

“How can our representative in parliament know our problems if he does not come to the grassroots level?” he asked. 

Wayne said other MPs and leaders from Morobe visit their villages and he wanted the MP to do so 

as they had pressing needs and issues they needed to bring to his attention.