Zurenouc warns investors about service delivery

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ACTING Chief Government Secretary Manasupe Zurenouc has warned development agencies and donor partners not to apply parallel systems of service delivery, but work with it, and use existing systems in the country.
“Stop running parallel systems that will defeat our systems, because we are as good as any where else in the world.
“Come and work with us so we can deliver services through our systems,” Mr Zurenouc said.
He said this during the launching of the second call for proposal for the European Union-funded district and local level government strengthening project (DLLGSP) last week.
“Let’s get back to the   basics and this programme, by design or default, is indeed going back to the basics.
“This is what is right,” he said.
Mr Zurenouc said through the DLLGSP, the Government’s service delivery agenda could be pushed for ward to where it matters most with our people.
“There is a lot of money out there but we need to do it right and I must acknowledge EU for having trust and confidence in the existing systems,” he said. 
Mr Zurenouc, who is also the provincial and local level government affairs (PLLGA) secretary, said EU had  been in PNG for many years but it was only recently that it had focused on provincial and district levels.
“Who would want to put money in the system, but EU has come and said, ‘you have a district treasury system and we will put  money in your system and make it work’,” he said.
“If EU continues to help and support the province and district systems, Papua New Guinea will be in a better position  to improve in terms of service delivery.”
Mr Zurenouc said once it was done right at the sub-national level, all else would fall into place.
“Trust us and we will give you the trust by ensuring it is done right and results will be achieved,” he said.
Mr Zurenouc also thanked the EU for their continued support in the country saying that  “without their aid, we will not be able to achieve our goals”.
“You (EU) had proven to us that you are really supportive and helpful in terms of service delivery and always there when we are in need of funds for the provincial and district systems,” Mr Zurenouc said.