Zurenuoc invites elites to chip in to improve district

Letters, Normal

The National, Wednesday July 3rd, 2013

 WITH regard to the letter “Finschhafen’s glory days are over” (June 20), we wish to clarify that Theo Zurenuoc remained in the district after he was elected to represent Finschhafen in 2007. 

He set up an office in the district with two staff and now it has grown to 10. 

He made it his business to go to Port Moresby only for parliament sittings and when he was required to. 

The people re-elected him in last year’s national election because they were satisfied with his leadership. 

It was only when he was appointed parliament speaker that he had to move to Port Moresby to attend to another bigger task – overseeing the parliament. 

His move raised a few eyebrows; some people feared that the MP would not return or deliver their expectations. 

But these sentiments were unfounded. Zurenuoc returns to the district every month to make sure that the administration is working to fulfil its purpose and he makes it a point to return whenever his  busy schedule allows. 

Some Finschhafen elites and others outside argue that Zurenuoc has not done anything for the district, but one wonders if they have really set foot on Finschhafen soil to say such a thing. 

The letter was an exaggeration and may only be assumptions, but arguments and criticism against Zurenuoc only open doors for improvements in  his work to serve the people better. 

Likewise, contributions in knowledge and skills by those who want to see a better Finschhafen as envisioned by Zurenuoc may improve what has been started. 

As far as service delivery is concerned, the leader has done a fair bit of his share. 

In his term, he has placed a lot of emphasis equipping and up-skilling the district staff to organise themselves and appropriately serve. 

He encourages Finschhafen elites, skilled and knowledgeable in any field, to participate in building the district in any way they can. 

Zurenuoc cannot deliver alone, so if they think they can, they should step in and assist. 

Throwing stones and spears will never help. 


Office of Theo Zurenuoc

MP and Speaker ofParliament