Zurenuoc: Stop money pleas

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The National, Tuesday August 6th, 2013


PEOPLE have been advised to stop asking their MPs for money because it could encourage corruption.

Speaker Theodore Zurenuoc told a crowd at Taur on Karkar Island, Madang, last week that MPs could be tempted to steal if they were continuously pressured by the people to lend them money.

“If you keep asking your member for money, he will be tempted to steal and that will lead to corruption and bribery,” Zurenuoc said.

“You must stop being lazy. It is not the job of the MP to deliver goods and services. That is the job of the administration in place. 

“His job is to enact laws and see that laws passed or decisions made are for the good of all.”

Zurenuoc was part of a delegation, led by Prime Minister Peter O’Neill, visiting the island to view projects initiated by local MP, Ken Fairweather.

He said Papua New Guineans needed to get out of the hand-out mentality to being independent and hard working.

Zurenuoc said he would encourage spiritual growth in Parliament where God was respected at all times.

He pointed out that he and O’Neill were Lutherans and would definitely be supporting the synod to be held on Karkar next year.

O’Neill committed K500,000 for the event.

Madang Governor Jim Kas reminded O’Neill about the suggestion from the province to have a separate electorate – called the Watabag Open – to include Bagbag Island, Waskia and Takia.