11-member team for Gulf


By MALUM NALU in Kerema
Gulf Governor Chris Haiveta announced his 11-member provincial Cabinet during the inaugural provincial assembly session in Kerema on Tuesday.
Haiveta will be chairman and will take on national functions, public service, finance and oil and gas investments.
Charles Maiu – Ihu LLG president and the longest-serving president – has been appointed  deputy governor and he will be in charge of works and implementation.
Chris Soi Oasora – president for East Kerema LLG – retains his post as leader of government business and local level government, and will lead the LLG boundaries review committee.
Morris Taudevin – president of East Kikori LLG – is chairman of economic services and takes charge of Gulf Economic Development Authority (GEDA).
Dominic Tokero – president of Kaintiba LLG – is chairman for education.
Tete Keko – representing women – is the chairperson for health.
Haiveta said MPs Soroi Eoe (Kikori) and Richard Mendani (Kerema) were ex-offico members of the provincial executive council by virtue of their status as national MPs.
“I have also appointed into the Cabinet Jack Narrie, the Kerema town Mayor, who will be a member of the PEC and will automatically assume the role of acting governor in the absence of both the governor and the deputy governor,” he said.

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