Agreement seen as fresh start for tourism


AN agreement between the Tourism Promotion Authority (TPA) and Morobe Commerce and Tourism Industry next month is seen as a fresh start to tourism development in the province.
The agreement is to encourage a coordinated approach and outline what has to be done to develop the industry.
The tourism industry in Morobe has been underdeveloped for the past 10 years and a workshop last week agreed to revive it.
Heni Debis, of TPA, said there was no evidence of strong tourist presence in the province.
“Back then, the rainforest habitat at Unitech, the war cemetery and others like the Black Cat Track were strong tourist attractions,” he said.
Debis said it was good that the signing of the agreement could shed some light on the industry and its development.
Morobe Commerce and Tourism Industry programme adviser Tali Yanga on Friday said his office was planning on re-establishing the Morobe Tourism Bureau so that it could promote and market  products in the province.
“By establishing the Morobe Tourism Bureau, it can play a major role in the industry together with the provincial government to promote Morobe as a desired tourist destination,” Yanga said.
He said some challenges were carry out more awareness, establish vibrant communication networks with partners and fund it.
Yanga said partners now needed to think and speak about tourism and take a holistic approach as tourism had greater potential to boost the economy at the provincial level.

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