Alliance accord signed


POLITICAL parties in the Opposition have formalised their gathering through the signing of an agreement in Port Moresby on Friday.
These parties include National Alliance, Pangu Pati, PNG Party, PNG National Party, among others represented by the 46 members of the Opposition.
National Alliance Party leader and Aitape-Lumi MP Patrick Pruaitch, during a media conference in Port Moresby on Friday, said:  “This meeting is to formalise our arrangement in the Opposition.
“The signing is formalising our being together and doing things as an alternative government, and I want to assure the people of this country that this team is serious and we will give this government the time to look at correcting some of the mismanagement that has happened in the country, particularly the economy.”
Moresby North-West MP Sir Mekere Morauta said: “This accord binds the members on this side through their various parties to work together to restore democracy, strengthen governance in the private sector, strengthening is important because when these institutions are working independently that is when accountability and transparency is promoted.
Sinasina-Yongomugl MP and PNG National Party leader Kerenga Kua explained that: “We have gathered here as members of the Opposition to sign an agreement called the “Alliance Accord” that bonds us as we work together the next five years.
We stand in our common belief as an alliance to fight for people’s best right.”
Northern Governor and People’s Movement for Change Party leader Gary Juffa added that the members in the Opposition have put together committees and gone to work immediately.
“We will be addressing issues such as health, education, the economy, legal matters, we are preparing ourselves and the details will be made know at a later stage. We will be tackling major issues concerning the people of this country.”

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