Alotau good for PNC


THOSE who have won parliamentary seats under the People’s National Congress party flag, and other MPs elect willing to work with them, have once again gone to the peaceful town of Alotau, Milne Bay, to work towards forming the new government.
For the PNC-led government, the town of Alotau has become the cornerstone of stability and good governance in Papua New Guinea.
As a citizen of Milne Bay, I thank the O’Neill government for funding the Alotau-East Cape road upgrading and sealing.
However, can the new government consider some new projects for Milne Bay, like approving Cape Vogel Basin oil and gas exploration, the East Collingwood forests management area and opening up international flights direct to Australia from Gurney Airport to increase tourism and employment opportunities?
Congratulations to Charles Abel for the victory, and I believe he will start to plan and establish a University for Milne Bay.
He must continue to improve the road links he has started to build which will improve travel to markets and open up other services for the people in the rural areas of the district.

Milne Bay Citizen

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