Apec to trial terrorism security


One of the focuses of any country hosting the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (Apec) summit is to trial its terrorism security, Apec secretariat executive director Dr Alan Bollard says.
Responding to questions about whether Papua New Guinea was prepared security-wise for Apec, Bollard said there were two focus areas — risks of terrorism and on what happens on the streets.
“We are pretty comfortable, and in addition to that is, of course, what happens on the streets, and you people are very focused on that so it’s clearly important but it will be handled,” Bollard said.
“PNG will be ready by the time we need it to be so that means getting ready for some of the Port Moresby official meetings pretty much now.”
Bollard said by later next year having big infrastructure requirements was necessary for the leaders because by then there could be up to 10,000 people coming into Port Moresby.
“That will have several thousand media and they will be judging how things will be going, so we are confident that things will be ready by then.
“We think things are on track, there is still work to be done, we know there are buildings and some other infrastructural work still need completing,” he said.
Bollard said Port Moresby had some advantages compared with some previous hosts because it’s not overly crowded with traffic congestion and shows pretty good by the standards of hosts from the past.
“You’ve got scope and room to do some things and some of the technology is getting a bit easier as well with wi-fi and with temporary structures and things, so we are confident that it’s going to work.
“It’s quite important that all the cruise ships get signed up for accommodation,” Bollard said.

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