Appreciate your leaders, work they do: Abel


NATIONAL Planning Minister Charles Abel has called on the people of Northern to appreciate the work their leaders are doing for them.
Abel (pictured) was among those who attended the opening of the Kumusi Bridge last Wednesday and said the province had good leaders who the people must support.
“You have good leaders here in Northern so let us support them, let’s allow people to work, let’s not allow people for one term and we elect them out and another in to try all over again from the beginning,” he said.
“Once you get leaders, you give them the opportunity.
“Let them work and let the blessings flow.
“You have a good government and many things are happening.
“We build leaders, we don’t cut them up.
“We sometimes criticise too quickly.
“Doesn’t matter where we are from, we are one family, one team, we have one objective and that is to build PNG for our children so let’s keep on working.
“Development is moving now let’s keep it moving let’s build PNG.
“Our hearts are with you, the government is with you we haven’t forgotten the people of Northern.”
Abel, who took the opportunity to visit some of the projects in the province, said the Government had not forgotten the people of Northern.

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