Attacking election observers a shame


JUST when counting for most electorates are into its first week, stories coming out of security forces attacking observers and shooting people resulting in a death in Kerema for a minor offence does not look good for the country.
One asks if there is a need for police officers and the other security personnel to be very aggressive to the extent of using unnecessarily, excessive force on the people, especially the election observers, both local and international. It was a shame when one was assaulted and had his phone smashed.
One also asks if the security personnel are mentality prepared for this important task.
They must understand that this was no ordinary policing duty.
Were they instructed or trained for this purposed?
But they do not understand that ordinary citizens see them as nothing but big show-offs using their aggression and the power of guns to police the elections.
It is a pity most security personnel still have this Wild West cowboy mentality and way of policing.

Concerned citizen

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