Aussies help keep Apec on wheels


THE Australian Federal Police has donated 95 vehicles and vessels to the Papua New Guinea police to help them with next year’s Apec Summit.
PNG-APP Mission Commander Bruce Giles said they would continue to support the work of the PNG constabulary towards Apec.
“I know it’s been a very tiring time for the PNG police with the national election which is a very important thing,” he said.
“We are also mindful that we have another major event coming up for the country which is the Apec meeting.
“And we have been working behind the scenes to ensure that all the vehicles and vessels are gifted to the RPNG in preparation for the Apec.”
Police Commissioner Gari Baki thanked Australia for the support.
He said it was the biggest resource support the AFP had given to the local police and the donation had boosted morale and confidence.
He thanked the AFP for the training, support and equipment.
The 95 vehicles and vessels will be used in Port Moresby.

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