Authority endorses two policies to boost work


THE Conservation, Environment and Protection Authority managed to endorse two important policies in the past two years to advance its work, an official says.
Deputy managing director Dilu Muguwa said they were the Protected Area Policy endorsed by the National Executive Council and the Bio-diversity Trust Fund.
“The objective of the protected area policy is to establish protected areas so that they can be managed well,” Muguwa said.
Muguwa said sustainable financing was one of the biggest problems they faced.
A proposal will be tabled in Parliament to provide the policy and legislative framework that will guide the authority to work with government organisations, non-government organisations and development partners.
“Secondly, we intend to work on a bio-diversity trust fund. It will be the financing mechanism, and we would like to use all opportunities available in the international community,” he said.
“We would like to have the administrative regime and the financial structure of the funds itself.
“We would like to work with donor agencies to ensure that we meet the appropriate criteria and requirements, so that the funds are administrated and managed properly and spent where it’s supposed to be, so that accountability and transparency are there in the management of the funds.”

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