Authority hires security firm to replace absent police officers


Nipa-Kutubu district development authority in Southern Highlands, has hired a private security firm to look after State properties due to lack of police officers presence.
The name of the security firm is LLM Security Service.
They are now performing the duties of police.
Nipa-Kutubu district development authority chief executive John Harrisol said Nipa station had been in the hands of criminals since police officers left after the national election.
Many properties had been stolen and vandalised since then, he said.
“There is no police in the district, apart from an ageing police officer,” Harrisol said.
“Many of the buildings have been vandalised and this is continuing every day because there is no police presence.”
He said the district development authority’s continuous appeal for police to return had fallen on deaf ears.
Harrisol said the police officers had failed in their duties and called on the incoming Southern Highlands provincial police commander to look into this as a matter of urgency.
He said they must explain why they were absent from work without leave.
Harrison said the police officers were absent at a time when there were serious law-and-order problems in the district.
He said police officers had disappeared since June 20 and he did not know where they were.
Harrison said this was not a good conduct from a disciplined force officers.

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