The ball is in Kramer’s court


IT was a by-election and I thought Nixon Duban should be given the chance to continue leading Madang.
Although I didn’t know much about the person at the time, I used my own resources to support him.  He retained his seat, but a year into office I discovered the real person.
Although he was given a senior state ministry, Duban simply couldn’t run his district.
I regretted supporting him and wished for the 2017 to be fast-forwarded so I could help have him replaced.
At this year’s election I asked all my friends and tribesmen to support Bryan Kramer. I could tell he had  the heart for the people, especially the youths.
With his programme – Youth Link – he has touched the hearts of the young generation of Madang who are the cream of the province and the country.
Madang is a fast-developing province in terms of economy.
The people of Madang have given Bryan Kramer the mandate. It is now up to him to show his voters and the people of Madang and the country what he is made of.

Lulu W Peters

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