Basa accepts job for all Morobeans


PATRICK Basa, the only Morobe MP in the Government coalition, has been appointed Fisheries Minister by Prime Minister Peter O’Neill.
The other nine Morobe MPs are in the Opposition.
Kabwum MP Basa, 46, an economist, is a member of Kelly Naru’s Christian Democratic Party.
Former Tewai-Siassi MP Mao Zeming was Fisheries Minister before being ousted in the election.
O’Neill has appointed another Morobe man to take over the ministry from Zeming.
“It’s sad that Morobe is the biggest province but has only been given one ministry,” Basa told The National.
“I will do the best I can for all of Morobe. My people expect me to be in Government and I’m already in Government and have been given the fisheries ministry.
“It is an economic ministry and I’m very proud that Prime Minister Peter O’Neill has acknowledged me, something that I very much appreciate. I thank him, on behalf of the people of Morobe, that we have at least been given one ministry.”
Basa has been a village councilor and a former public servant.
“I worked as a business development adviser with ExxonMobil for two years before I resigned to contest the election,” he said.
Basa, meanwhile, was disappointed about the flak he had been receiving from Morobe MPs in the Opposition for not joining them.
“They have to respect me as a leader,” he said.

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