Basil urges people to challenge leaders


BULOLO MP Sam Basil is urging people to ask party leaders to provide evidence of their  policies and residential homes in villages and see whether they provided essential needs there.
Basil  wants churches to speak out to correct the Government on issues that mattered against the spirit of the Constitution.
“Churches must rise up and challenge the government policies that never suit, the will and spirit of the national Constitution,” he said.
“Churches also shouldn’t entertain politicians becoming preachers in pulpits and compromise with the government because church is the fundamental organisation that deals specifically with spiritual purpose of human lives.”
Basil praised the Catholic Bishops Conference that always spoke on people’s behalf by correcting government policies that don’t go down well.
He, however, said that if Pangu formed the next government, a chapel would be built alongside parliament to house King James Version Bible to ensure that MPs who did not visit their districts to attend church services.
“If any party comes around for policy awareness, ask them to prove their practical evidence of what they have provided to respective LLGs.
“We cannot continue to encourage failed policies and concepts that have never worked for last 40 years.
“I can speak without fear and favour with extensive practical evidence and results of what was provided that is benefiting Bulolo district and procedures of these tangible results were adopted into Pangu Pati policy” Basil said.
“If you have no electricity, water supply and road linking your villages without market to sell your fresh produce to earn a living in your village, then you have a problem with your leader,” he said.
Their policies included a rescue-emergency unit to serve casualties along national highways in provinces.

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