Brian Bell opens shopping plaza


THE Brian Bell Group has set a benchmark in the retail shopping business in Lae when it opened a shopping plaza on Monday on Mongola Street.
Ian Clough, the executive director of the Brian Bell Group, said the company was trying to bring a new set of shopping experience and environment to Lae residents.
Although Clough did not reveal the total cost of the building, he said a substantial amount of money was invested in the project.
The shopping complex has a bank, a hair salon, a restaurant, a café and shops. The shopping centre took a year to build after the company’s old shop was gutted by fire in 2014.
“The Brian Bell name has been part of Papua New Guinea for the last 58 years,” Clough said.
“This sets a new standard in the retail business in Lae.
“The Brian Bell name has been part of the Lae community for the last 35 years.
“Unfortunately two years ago, we lost this hope in a fire. Within 12 months we lost both our shops in Lae to fires.”
He said the company was proud of its investment in Lae.  “We all know the importance of Lae as a business center,” Clough said.
Morobe Governor Kelly Naru praised the Brian Bell Group for opening a modern shopping complex in Lae.
Naru said the investment by Brian Bell was a show of confidence in the growing importance of Lae as an economic hub of the country.
“It’s very tough for a business that was burnt down by fire to bounce back from the ashes,” Naru said.
“The Morobe people are proud of this new shopping plaza.”

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