Bribery seen as hindrance to country’s growth


Bribery is affecting the growth and progress of the country, says Body of Christ chairman Rev Joseph Walters.
“If any developing economy is to succeed, the practice of  moral values of honesty, integrity and accountability must be taught and embraced.
“These qualities will resist and act as deterrents against bribery and corruption. However, when these fundamental factors are suppressed and missing, evil and evil man will thrive and triumph.
“When rulers establish a nation by justice it prospers, but he who receives bribes will bring down a nation – Proverbs 29:4.”
He said in Exodus 23.8 and Deuteronomy 16:19 God’s word stated that bribery was a blinding influence upon good sense, intelligence and wisdom.
“It perverts the course of justice, discernment and twists the words of those who desire to live an honest and righteous life.
“It also says that when people in responsible places like in leadership practice bribery, legal
ground is given and conducive environment is provided for corruption to become widespread,” he added
“Bribery is a clear symptom of a corrupt and evil society lacking honesty, integrity and a guiding moral value system.”
He Isaiah 1:2-23 tells of Jerusalem city, once filled with justice became a city full of rebellion, murderers and thieves because her leaders loved bribes and chased after money bribery brought them.

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