Brothers get 54 years for murder


Two brothers have been jailed for a total of 54 years for the death of a man who was attacked at Bemlon village, outside Madang, three years ago.
Judge David Cannings convicted Moses and Sylvester Dadu for the murder. The court was told that the brothers attacked 26-year-old Patrick Ngsem and stabbed him twice, causing eight-centimetre deep wounds to his armpit. He died afterwards from his wounds.
Moses received a reduced sentence of 24 years because he cooperated with police and Correctional Services officers. Younger brother Sylvester escaped from custody and was jailed for 30 years, with both sentences to be served at Beon correctional centre.
Cannings said Sylvester gave up his right to be present at the trial and was therefore sentenced in his absence.
“A warrant for his arrest was issued (but) he was not returned to custody and was sentenced in absentia,” Cannings said.
The court was told that the Dadu brothers were part of group that was involved in a fight at a public market at Bemlon, near Vidar fishing facility, on Sunday, July 6, 2014.
Ngsem was in the group being pursued by the Dadau brothers’ group.
The court was told that Ngsem fell and the brothers came upon him and stabbed him in his armpit.
“The court found that each of the offenders unlawfully killed the deceased, intending to cause his death,” Cannings said.

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