Buka set to stage Atoi nines next month


PREPARATIONS are underway for the Louta Atoi Nines Cup from Nov 4-6 at Hutjena High School oval in Buka, Autonomous Region of Bougainville.
Coordinator of the nines tournament and senior Digicel Cup referee Avis Vanua said 22 teams from North Bougainville have expressed interest to take part in the three-day event.
“Among the 22 teams is MA Kirap na Go, which is comprised of players from Buka and Petats island, and several Central players from the Aroma Coast living on Buka,” Vanua said.
He said the tournament would be hosted by the Buka Rugby Football League, an affiliate of the Papua New Guinea Rugby Football League.
The chairman of the tournament is Robert Chritzly, who runs Buka Rugby League.
He also thanked Maria Agivarage Vanua for her financial support and for providing accommodation at Iana Vanua Lodge to MA Kirap na Go team as they prepare for the tournament next month.
The inaugural Louta Atoi Cup last year ended up in dispute with three teams — Saput Reds of Ieata village, Buka, Bakuls of Hangan village and the Peit Brothers from Gagan and Solos villages — all claiming the top prize which was eventually distributed equally to them.
The same three teams have registered their interest to take part in the race again this year.
Vanua said interest was high.

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