Business Council names Nilkare as president


Robert Nilkare is the new president of the Business Council of PNG (BCPNG) replacing David Toua.
Nilkare was elected at the council’s annual general meeting on Thursday.
He aims to build the council through greater cooperation between members in achieving corporate goals in line with the national development.
“David (Toua) and the board have done a fantastic job in positioning the business council to where it is,” he said.
“It is a strong voice for business in PNG.
“It is a peak body which the prime minister and international community recognise and respect.
“There is no competition here.
“If we all work together, we can achieve our corporate goals and the goals for the country as a whole in terms of development.
“I think we are in a position to further what the council has achieved in the past years, and to build on to it through greater inclusion of businesses across the country.”
Outgoing president Toua said the council was created 15 years ago  at a time of economic slump.
“The Business Council of PNG turned 15 this year,” he said.
“At the time of it being formed, PNG was climbing out of a difficult economic period.
“A number of prominent citizens saw the need for a collective and different voice for the public sector.
“It is an understatement to say that a lot has happened since then.
“Papua New Guinea did indeed climb off the economic canvas.
“We are all aware of the economic boom that began in the latter part of the 2000s and continued until recent years.
“The role of the council in those good times was to be the voice of the private sector.
“A friendly and somewhat comfortable relationship with Government existed.
“In recent years, times have changed and economic challenges have resurfaced.
“The council too has had to revisit its agenda to remain relevant, and fulfill its intention of being the voice of the private sector.”

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