Business Council plans to expand


BUSINESS Council of Papua New Guinea president Robert Nilkare plans to expand the organisation to include a spread of businesses across the country.
He said this during the annual general meeting where he was elected to take over from David Toua who had served in the position for four years.
“David (Toua) and the board have done a fantastic job in positioning the Business Council at where it is,” he said.
“It is a strong voice for business in Papua New Guinea and it is a peak body which the Prime Minister and international community recognise and respect. I think we are in a position to further what the council had achieved in the past years and to build on to it through greater inclusion of businesses across the country.
“There are also a number of companies that are important in their contribution to the economy which are based in centres outside of Port Moresby and may not be part of the council.
“New Britain Palm Oil (which Nilkare is the country manager of) only came on board when we opened our office here and started joining peak organisations such as the council.
“That is one area where I hope to get more businesses into the council and to represent a good spread of businesses around the country.”

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