Business houses fix public road in Lae


MORE than 20 business houses in Lae have contributed to upgrade Milfordhaven Road.
The initiative was from the Lae Chamber of Commerce Inc President Alan McLay.
McLay said the road works started last weekend after the chamber approached members which had operations along the road or used the road frequently.
He described the state of the road and others in the area as “collapsing to point where they are dangerous to drive on”.
“The chamber approached members with properties adjoining Milfordhaven Road, Erica and Montoro Street or those companies that use the road a lot, for a contribution,” he said.
“It enabled the engagement of Shorncliffe to provide this service.
“The chamber discussed the need for the maintenance with Shorncliffe.
“They quoted for grading, backfilling with proper road base and rolling, at a heavily discounted rate that covers fuel and labour only.
“The use of the equipment etc is part of Shorncliffe’s service to the community.
“With overwhelming support from companies, Shorncliffe was given the green light to proceed with this maintenance work.
“On Saturday and Sunday, a significant amount of work was done.”
McLay said the chamber had written to Prime Minister Peter O’Neill, Works Minister Francis Awesa, and Department of Works and Implementation secretary David Wereh last month about the need to upgrade the road. They have not responded.
“The LCCI also approached the Morobe government and Lae district administration to assist,” he said.  “But even though we believe they will come to the party, we cannot wait for them to decide.”
Shorncliffe chief executive officer Alfred Yau said the original quotation was about K30,000 for the work.
“Shorncliffe is a Lae-based construction company.
“We are willing to step in and work with the business community because we are also a part of Lae,” he said.
“We hope to see the Government quickly fund the re-habilitation effort since this road portion is the most important in Lae.”

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