Business survey launched


A BUSINESS survey has been launched to address the skills gaps in the country’s labour market.
United Nations resident coordinator in Papua New Guinea (PNG) Roy Trivedy said the UNDP (United National Development Programme) in PNG and Deloitte Touche Tohmastsu recently launched the joint survey business skill needs titled How to grow employment in PNG.
Deloitte manager Todd McInnis said the shortage of skills was well known but what was not known was the specific skills the business community needed to expand their businesses.
The survey will assess:
l Factors which prevent or discourage businesses from expanding their staff numbers; and,
l Specific skills and occupations most in need among the business community, and the extent to which they are difficult to source locally.
UNDP project manager Stephen Liston said the research would analyse the shortage of skills and employment in PNG.
“A survey can only be as effective as its responses, and for this we need your help,” he said.
“If you are a PNG employer, then this is your chance to have your say and let policy-makers know the skills that the business community needs and any challenges faced.”
The survey will shed light on the skills needed the most in PNG, which ultimately will help policy-makers and businesses in planning for the future.

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