Call for better awareness on climate


A SENIOR policy and finance officer is urging all stakeholders to know the basic impacts of climate change and adaptation in order to address them effectively.
Peniamina Leavai, a USAid contractor for the Climate Ready Project, said this in a workshop co-hosted by Climate Change and Development Authority (CCDA) and UN Development Programme in Port Moresby.
Leavai said knowing their potential and weaknesses in the area of climate change would enable them to come up with a better and long-term adaptation plan.
He also said that taking early approaches to address the issue of climate change in PNG was far better than waiting until the last minute.
“The stakeholders must not wait but roll out what they actually think would counter the very adverse impacts of climate change,” he said. “In doing that, they will mitigate, or reduce, the rate at which it will affect the specific communities, along the coastal areas, low lying villages and high ground communities.
“Adaptations can be in climate-resilient design, construction and operation.
“Technical support must be provided to farmers on climate change so that they know what to do in times of when the impacts are about to come by.”

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