Call centre needed to report gender violence


I WISH to have my say on the issue of gender violence and wife bashing.
Quite often, the situation occurs in the middle of the night when a husband, boyfriend or another male member of the family is drunk.
Even though there will be a lot of shouting, screaming and bad mouthing going on,  no one will intervene.
This situation in most cases is seen as a family problem.
The neighbours would try to assist but in most cases they just leave them alone.
Quite often the same family is affected on a weekly or fortnightly cycle.
May I suggest that a 24/7 call centre be set up so that anyone can call and report the situation as it occurs.
The centre then contacts the nearest police unit which can investigate the situation.
The 24/7 call centre contact number must be published so the public is well aware of the number.
This way a bystander or a neighbour can help stop the violence without being too much involved.

A Moi
Port Moresby

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