Call for escapees to surrender


CORRECTIONAL Services Commissioner Michael Waipo has urged the 373 escapees to give themselves in.
There are 208 at large in the New Guinea Island region, 103 in Momase, 58 in Highlands and four in Southern.
He said it would save a lot of work for the police and prison officers if the escapees surrendered.
β€œIt is not good for armed officers to come searching for you. It will endanger your life, our lives and the community as well,” Waipo said.
He welcomed the decision by escapee Aipit Balos to turn himself in at the CS headquarters in Port Moresby.
β€œI want escapees out there to follow Balos and surrender. If you surrender voluntarily, we will ensure that you get a fair treatment. We will ensure that you benefit from our rehabilitation programmes,” Waipo said.
Waipo said he would ensure that escapees who surrendered would get a good recommendation from him to the parole board who could consider reducing their prison terms.

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