Call to have fewer children


JIWAKA Governor Dr William Tongamp (pictured) wants  his people to have a maximum of three children.
Fewer will be better, he said
Tongamp said the province had the highest growth rate in the country and people needed to control the population growth rate.
“Believe it not, Jiwaka’s population growth rate is at five per cent annually while the national population growth rate is at three per cent per annum,” he said.
He said that 10,000 new born babies are recorded in his province each year.
“Jiwaka’s  population growth rate is very high and am now appealing to married couples and young ones planning to get married soon to go for family planning clinics and have fewer than  three kids,” he said.
Tongamp said that it would be easier to manage three children or fewer, put them into schools and meet their expenses.
He said thought Jiwaka was a relative new province, about five years old, the Government was not giving special development funds to the province.
He said that Jiwaka was competing with other provinces in terms of developments and other basic goods and services from whatever money provided by the Government.
Tongamp urged people to be patient because development took time.
He said they had 14 high and four secondary schools.

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