Call to improve customer service


STAFF working at the fuel distributor in East Sepik need to lift their daily performance for the sake of customers who travel very long distances to buy fuel in bulk.
Customers queue up and wait for hours to load fuel drums after completing their payments.
The fuel supplier appears undeterred by a tirade of complaints hurled over their fence, by disgruntled customers, to at least improve on their extremely slow pace at which customers are served.
Many customers have over five hours of drive time to reach their districts and rural outposts after loading fuel drums, but they are unfazed by the night travel risk factors facing the fuel buyers.
Safety of the operating crew on fuel delivery trucks on the highways is a risk faced by fuel freighters.
Customers are fed up with the same old take-it-easy mode.
There are the usual excuses of of power blackouts, standby generator not working, system is down, lunch break, fuel is out of stock, typing errors on receipts, loader tyres are flat, and others.
If customers were given a choice, they would eagerly leave and buy fuel elsewhere.

MM Ondassa
East Sepik

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