Call to table guns control committee report


FORMER PNG Defence Force commander Jerry Singirok says the guns moratorium imposed by Police Minister Jelta Wong is only a temporary solution.
Singirok, who was the Guns Control Committee Chairman in 2005, said Wong had to take ownership of the Guns Control Committee Report, properly table it on the floor of Parliament and get bipartisan approval for implementation.
He said the report was supported by the United Nations Security Council in New York that attached a technical officer to the committee.
“The use of guns for criminal, tribal (war) and misuse of guns by police and defence affects our reputation, communities, investors and is bad for development,” he said.
“I urge the minister for Police and Attorney-General to now table the Guns Control Committee Report so we can save our nation.”
Singirok said the report addressed the full range of gun-related issues and problems in PNG.
The recommendations are based on the committee’s findings. They were identified and re-categorised in these main areas:

  • Leadership and democracy;
  • governance and service delivery;
  • legislation;
  • rules and operations;
  • borders and trade;
  • social and community development;
  • reduction of weapons for safer communities; and,
  • Public awareness.
    Singirok said the committee found that the concerns of the people  would be met by a National Guns Control Strategy with the following goals:
  • Eliminate gun crime and gun violence;
  • cut off the supply of guns and ammunition available for criminal purposes;
  • remove illegal weapons and ammunition already in circulation;
  • restore law-and-order, foster community empowerment, and support opportunities for lawful, sustainable livelihoods in the communities most affected by violence; and,
  • Support regional security by controlling gun trafficking, among other aspects of transnational crime.


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