Call for tourism officials to participate in activities as East Sepik misses expo EXPO


THE manager of a hotel in East Sepik says Tourism Promotion Authority representatives in provinces should participate in tourism expositions.
Miharu Kawabata, manager of the New Wewak Hotel, said during the three-day Yumi Lukim PNG Tourism Expo in Port Moresby that TPA representatives in East Sepik did not attend.
“They should be the one to attend these kinds of events to get up to date with the changes and expectations of the industry,” Kawabata said.
“We do not have to come to the headquarters in Port Moresby.”
She said it would be easier to consult the Tourism Promotion Authority representatives in the province.
“Especially for East Sepik, it’s only the Sepik Adventure Tours and the New Wewak Hotel that participated in the (two) expos – the tourism expo in May and now the Yumi Lukim PNG Expo (both) in Port Moresby.”
Kawabata said there were also new and established tourism operators in East Sepik who needed the support of the provincial Tourism Promotion Authority representatives to help them get as much exposure as needed.

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