Call to train farmers to prepare for disasters


A RESEARCH officer says up-skilling and equipping farmers with agricultural systems is vital so that they adapt to the impacts of natural disasters and climate change.
Laloki Agricultural Research and Development coordinator Dr Peter Gendua said most farmers lacked the capability to overcome these impacts.
“These two issues are ongoing and the rural population is at a greater risk of facing food and water shortages than the urban population,” he said.
“The farmers through agencies like the National Weather Office, National Disaster Centre and National Agricultural Research Institute need to be educated on how they can manage themselves in times of disaster and climate change.
“Looking for relief at the 11th hour is unhealthy and may even lead to loss of lives.”
He said up-skilling them on how best to handle such tough situations is better than reacting after events had happened.
“Our rural population who entirely depend on agriculture will suffer if we don’t tell them what to do now about the effects disasters and climate change,” he said.
NARI senior research fellow and programme leader Professor Eugene Ezebilo said prior up-skilling of rural farmers should be funded and supported by the government.

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